[16x] HeroBrine Texture Pack For minecraft 1.3.2

Don’t think you are completely safe in the Minecraft woods, especially at night when you may suddenly face an attack. Herobrine is one of the most feared mob by the Minecraft players. And this new update for HeroBrine Texture Pack For minecraft 1.3.2, you can see some new features that will only add to your nightmares.

It is possible that you may not see some textures displayed automatically on some mods. To amend this problem, you should replace the affected files straight inside the mods folder. The McPatcher allows you to check everything except the “CustomColors” and this option doesn’t alter the color of GrassBlocks and WaterDroplets.

Install the HeroBrine Texture Pack to make minecraft game even creepier. Enter the world of the legendary Herobrine with this pack to transforms into mobs and entrap your prey. This is really going to be great fun.


• Animated Blocks
• Custom Items
• Many Species of Mobs
• Epic Quest “EasterEgg”
• Best Mods Compatibility

Installing the HeroBrine Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.3.2:

It is important to backup the Minecraft.jar file as well as your maps, in case the mod crashes your game.

Installing with the Easy Installer:

1. Download the mod files and extract them to any folder
2. Execute the file EasyModInstaller.jar and wait for the process to complete
3. Once done, simply start your game with the new texture pack installed

Installing the mod manually:

1. Install ModLoader and AudioMod
2. Download the mod files and unzip them to any folder
3. Go to Start and open Run
4. Type %appdata% and press enter
5. Now navigate to the .minecraft/bin/ directory and open the minecraft.jar file
6. Copy all the contents of the folder “IntoMinecraft.jar” from the extracted mod files in this
7. Delete META-INF and close Minecraft.jar
8. Now copy the folder “Herobrine” in the main folder i.e. .minecraft/
9. Start your game

Download [16x] HeroBrine Texture Pack For minecraft 1.3.2

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