[16x] Ye Olde Medieval Crafte Pack For minecraft 1.3.2

Ye Olde Medieval Crafte Pack replace the majority of textures and lights and looks awesome. Compatible with the latest version minecraft 1.3.2, one can alter those tweaked furnaces and Mossy Cobble block to fit more with the texture pack. There is gentler and less mountainous terrain in the region and medieval village panorama.

Ye olde medieval crafte for Minecraft 1.3.2


• Modified redstone wire texture
• Creative gui looks improved
• new wood blocks and sandstone blocks
• Changed GUI, particles and Icons
• Changed Lava, water and torch
• Added Medieval Pack
• 95% complete

Installation steps for Ye Olde Medieval Crafte Pack For minecraft 1.3.2:
• Download mod files
• Run your Minecraft game
• Open the option “mods and texture pack”
• Choose the “texture pack” folder
• Copy the texture files in this folder without unzipping
• Enjoy the mod

Download Ye Olde Medieval Crafte Pack For minecraft 1.3.2

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Developer :  Hero_613

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