Animal Bikes for MineCraft 1.2.5

The Animal Bikes for Minecraft 1.2.5 mod gives you the opportunity to ride animals. Now you can even hop on to the enderman and dragon.


These are the various bikes available for you to try out:

• Pig bike
• Notch bike
• Sheep bike
• Squid bike
• Wolf bike
• Ghast bike
• Bunny bike
• Dino bike
• Iron goldem
• Cow bike
• Ender bike
• Dragon bike
• Creeper bike
• Reindeer bike
• SnowGoldem bike
• Notch bike
• Pony bike
• Chicken bike
• Spider bike

The basic of building a bike include the forging of a sadly, since it is a pre requisite for any bike. You could do this cooking rotting flesh in a furnace to get leather. Once this leather is produced, combine it in a 3×3 pattern to create rawhide. This rawhide is then forged with a string and an iron bar to create a saddle.

Each animal bike has its own special attributes too. Here are some examples:

1. For climbing walls, you can use the spider bike
2. The chicken bike prevents any damage from falling
3. For traveling quick on water, you have the squid bike
4. Plus, for traveling fast on the ground, you have the pig bike
5. Enderman bike allows you to teleport
6. The dragon bike can fly and even breathes fire by right clicking it with Flint and Steel
7. The ghast bike even has the ability to shoot fire balls in the direction you want

by CaptainSparklez

This mod is fully compatible on multiplayer servers, so you can enjoy this mod with your friends and probably even have race wars with them. Along those lines, in fact you even have some custom race maps, like AnimalBikes: Challenges and Final Fantasy VII Chocobo Ranchrace, as a place to hang out

How to Install Animal Bikes Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

by SCMowns
1. First download ModLoader and ModloaderMP from the internet
2. next step is to download the mod of Animal Bikes
3. Navigate to .minecraft/ bin through your OS file explorer
4. Make sure you backup your .minecraft folder in case any problem occurs
5. Open the minecraft.jar file with WinRAR
6. Copy all the files included in ModLoader and ModLoader MP in to the minecraft.jar file
7. Delete the META INF folder
8. Execute Minecraft
9. Now copy all the mod files into the minecraft.jar file
10. Done!

Download Singleplayer Modloader Client AnimalBikes Mod

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Developer :: Noppes

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