Armor Movement Mod for minecraft 1.4.7

The armor movement mod adds quite a lot of different and movement changing armor – from gliders and parachutes, to jetpacks and helicopter hats. All of the items are wearable armor, and can be crafted from a normal workbench, and they allow a lot of unique movement choices in Minecraft once crafted.

armor movement mod 1.4.7

Some of the items require using the action key – for example, if you want the parachute to slow down your falling speed you will have to keep holding down the action key, which by default is set to F. It can be changed in the Options / Controls menu. Some items like Mountain Boots and Spring Boots function passively by providing you with extra jump height, or allowing you to climb over fences.

A lot of the items obviously changes what you can do in Minecraft, and allows you to gain access to places you couldn’t before.

The Armor Movement Mod requires ModLoader to install.

1.Download the zip file,
2.and then place the contents of it into the mods directory of .minecraft, which is located under %appdata%.
3.Then, you can just relaunch Minecraft and you will be able to craft the new armor.

Download Armor Movement Mod for minecraft 1.4.7

>> Download Download Armor Movement Mod for minecraft 1.4.7 here

Developer : Jsut210

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