Chocolate quest mod for minecraft 1.2.5

The chocolate quest adds a new adventure to the Minecraft game. It follows the popular dungeon adventure type game play where you have to collect different items and powers while defeating bosses. With each defeat of the boss, the level of the items available improves.

chocolate quest

Here are some of the key items of the mod:

• Hunger scroll – for improving health
• Healing scroll – restoring hunger
• Teleport scroll – teleport anywhere like the endermen
• Vamp scroll – similar to necromancer spells. This scroll will improve your health proportional to the damage you do.
• Carcaj – for stacking arrows or crafting into of them
• Long bow – improved bow with the ability to shoot poisoned arrows too.
• Arrow transformer – Can be used for changing useless items lying in your inventory into useful things like arrows or carcaj.
• Walker scroll – Gives you a boost in jumping as well as sprinting
• feathers – Gives you the ability to fly temporarily.

These are the various mobs included in the mod:

• armored
• archer
• skeletons
• zombies
• pirates
• goblins
• dwarfs
• the others
• ice bull
• pig zombies
• slime boss
• pyramid boss
• spider boss
• necromancer
• liche
• king pirate
• the exterminator prototype
• subdits
• bees
• summoned skeletons
• horses
• pollos
• dogs

Installation process:

• Download and install ModLoader.
• Download the mod files and extract into any folder.
• Open the start menu and type %appdata% in the run box.
• Make sure to create a backup of the .minecraft/bin/ folder.
• Open the file Minecraft.jar in .minecraft/bin/ folder.
• Delete the META-INF folder and close Minecraft.jar
• Now copy the contents in the extracted folder of the mod to the .minecraft/ directory.
• Start your game.

Developer :  Chocolatin

Download Better dungeons version 0.95 for Minecraft 1.2.5

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