Clay Soldiers Mod v. 7.1 for Minecraft 1.2.5

As an overview, the Clay Soldiers Mod gives you the opportunity to build a miniature army made of clay and witness them as they battle each other.

Clay Soldiers Mod

To explain it further, you can craft 4 clay soldiers from one block of clay and one block of soulsand. They work on the basis of the color with which they have been forged with. These are the different colors available:

• blue
• red
• green
• yellow
• orange
• purple
• brown
• pink
• grey

You simply have to use the specified color dye in order to forge soldiers. Once deployed, they will immediately team up with similar colored soldiers and attack any other colored soldiers.

However, the grey soldiers have the tendency to remain neutral as long as no one attacks them. They even follow a leader, who can be distinguished by a golden crown.

These clay soldiers are small and very fragile. Hence you can easily destroy them with a single punch.

However, their fights are not simply boring. You can add various weapons and items like shields and armor in order to find out which is the best weapon in the end. Just forge a pile of these items and witness how the teams of soldiers divide it amongst themselves.

Moreover, the soldiers with get wounded over time. Instead of just waiting to die, they can be fed food in order to replenish their health.

Unfortunately, there is no possible way to control these clay soldiers individually nor does the developer seem too keen on this matter. All the more, there tanks, plane or vehicles aren’t likely to be added in any future mod updates too.

The IDs of various items of the mod can be edited easily. open up the file “config.txt” in the directory .minecraft/mods/clay soldiers mod/

This is the official default ID number:

- SoldierDoll = 6850
- Disruptor – 6849
- clayCookie – 6854
- horseDoll – 6851
- brickDoll – 6853
- shearBlade – 6863
- geckoDoll – 6857
- bunnyDoll – 6856
- shield – 6860
- turtleDoll – 6855
- clayNexus -6862
- studdedSheild – 6861
- pegasusDoll – 6852

Installation process:

1. Install ModLoader
2. Download the files of the mod
3. Go to the start menu and open the run dialog box
4. type in “%appdata%” without the quotes and click enter
5. navigate to your .minecraft/bin/ folder
6. make a backup of minecraft.jar before proceeding
7. open minecraft.jar file with winRAR
8. now copy all the contents of the mod zip file into this minecraft.jar file
9. delete the META-INF folder
10. restart minecraft and test the mod

Download Clay Soldiers Mod v. 7.1: for MC 1.2.5

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Developer ::SanAndreasP

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