Craftable Spawners for minecraft 1.3.2

Craftable Spawners for Minecraft 1.3.2 is the ultimate mod for you to create any mob, any where in the Minecraft world. With an easy to remember crafting recipe, you can choose to create over 30 different mob characters.


In case you require a special texture pack, you can download the Sphlax Patch which introduces new textures for the Craftable Spawners mod.

The basic recipe format works like the following:


where R is the iron ingot while M represents the moss stone. X in the middle is the craft block which determines what kind of mob you want to spawn:

Animals Category:

1. Iron cube – spawns an iron golem
2. Ink Sack – spawns a squid
3. Raw Porkchop – spawns a pig
4. Raw Beef – spawns a cow
5. Wool – spawns a sheep
6. Raw Chicken – spawns a chicken
7. Milk bucket – spawns an ocelot
8. Wooden hoe – spawns a villager
9. Slimeball – spawns a slime
10. Mushroom – spawns a mooshroom cow
11. Bone – spawns a wolf
12. Snowball – spawns a snowman

Monsters Category:

1. Rotten Flesh – spawns a zombie
2. Ender Pearl – spawns an enderman
3. Spider Eye – spawns a spider
4. Raw Fish – spawns a Silver Fish
5. Arrow – spawns a skeleton
6. Diamond – spawns an Ender Dragon
7. Gunpowder – spawns a creeper
8. String – spawns a cave spider

Nether mobs Category:

1. Ghast Tear – spawns a ghast
2. Blaze Rod – spawns a blaze
3. Magma Cream – spawns a Magma Cube
4. Gold Nugget – spawns a zombie pigman

Installation Steps:

1. Download and install ModLoader
2. Download the mod file
3. Go to start menu and open the run dialog box
4. Type %appdata% and press enter
5. Navigate to the .minecraft/mods folder
6. Copy the zip file of the mod over here
7. Start the game

Download Craftable Spawners for minecraft 1.3.2

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Created by MightyPork
Developed by TheBoo99 and ProPercivalalb

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