DivineRPG mod for minecraft 1.4.7

The DivineRPG mod adds 7 New Dimensions with 75 New Mobs and Bosses as well as hundreds of items and blocks. With tons of great features, this is a really cool mod. The mod expands the original game-play extremely and with all the new content and regular updates, Minecraft players can enjoy different tastes whether as a warrior, builder, miner etc. It is easy to install the mod and get started. It is highly suggested that one progress to the realmite equipment so as to make more advancement in the mod.

divinerpg minecraft mod


• As long as you dig deep, the Realmite is easy to find and Realmite more easily. The rupee and arlemite are rarer than diamond.
• There are proper mining techniques which are advised at low levels to dig out the rarer elements.
• Divine shards can be bit form The Watcher or the Ancient Entity or both. However, the players should be conscious of their statistics when fighting these bosses.
• The five Twilight Dimensions can be accessed through portals.

New Mobs

• Jungle Dramcryx
• Desert Crawler
• Arid Warrior
• Cave Crawler
• Caveclops
• Ender Triplets
• Jungle Bat
• Jungle Dramcryx
• Rotatick
• Enthralled Dramcryx
• The Eye

Main Features

• Weapons have completely new animated textures.
• Music Per Biome
• Weapon Particle Effects
• Armor Abilities
• 2 New Weapons
• Armor Rework
• Corrupted Maul
• Improvements in the Coloured Glass Texture
• New Enchantment Table
• Death Bringer

Installation for Divine RPG Mod for Minecraft

• Set up Minecraft Forge
• Download the mod installer
• Implement the installer exe and follow the steps
• Now, get to the start menu and open the run dialog box
• Type in %appdata% and press enter
• Now open the .minecraft/bin folder to open minecraft.jar file.
• Get rid of the META-INF folder
• Close Minecraft.jar
• Start playing your game!

Download DivineRPG mod

>> Download DivineRPG mod for minecraft 1.4.7 here

Developer : Xolova

Website : http://tempestgamers.com/divine/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

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