Dragon Mounts 0.81for Minecraft 1.2.5

The Dragon Mounts 1.2.5 Mod created by BarracudaATA is certainly a must try out for all those minecrafters fascinated by the idea of dragons. All you need to do is summon a dragon with the dragon egg and you can ride the Ender Dragon from anywhere you want.

Dragonmounts 0.81
Dragonmounts 0.81-2

Mounting on the dragon is fairly easy. First you must place the dragon egg on the ground and just simply right click it to summon a dragon. To control the Ender dragon to the maximum, you can even equip it with a saddle. Controlling the dragon is trouble-free, since the Ender Dragon is maneuvered with the mouse and direction keys.

Some special features of the dragon include:

• The terrain destructive aura. This feature can be activated by feeding the dragon with glistering lemon.
• Moreover, your dragon will get hurt from collision or any other type of damage source like lava. So make sure that you heal it to keep it healthy. Feeding the dragon is not a big hassle since it can accept rotten flesh, raw fish, beef, chicken and pork chop.
• You can even enable its fire breathe by feeding it with blaze powder (disabled after latest update)
• A quick launch option is also provided where you have to right click on the egg while holding a saddle and you will be propelled towards the sky. A dragon will automatically be saddled.
• Dragons follow you on the ground while you are not mounted.
• Dragons can not be saddled once attacked by you.

The mod was initially very buggy since some times the dragon used to be spawned invisible or without their limbs. However, the mod has been update to fix this error.

In order to stop riding the dragon, right click on the dragon and it will transform into an egg. You will land safely with the egg on the ground and then you can use safely carry it around too!

This mod is not supported for multiplayer game play and is suitable for use on only a vanilla Minecraft installation.

Installing Dragon Mounts for Minecraft 1.2.5

1. Exit the minecraft game and close any running instance of it
2. Download the DragonMountsMod.zip file
3. You require ModLoader to install the mod
4. Backup your .minecraft folder in case the mod installation is unsuccesful
5. Copy the zip file into the mods directory in your .minecraft folder
6. Have fun!

Download Dragon Mounts 0.81 [1.2.5]

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