FiniteLiquid for minecraft 1.3.2

FiniteLiquid version 5.8 for Minecraft 1.3.2 is a very interesting mod. The modder has created the mod so as to replace the water physics in the game. The developer was not quite happy with the water physics which came with the vanilla Minecraft and decided to create realistic laws for water in the Minecraft game.

The first notable thing is that oceans will carry infinite water. However, any water body which is not directly connected to the ocean will have a finite volume and will react to any changes in the surroundings. For example, if there is a cave sharing one side of its wall with a lake; then if any hole in this wall is made, the water will flow from the lake into this cave, until the water level in the lake is below to that of the hole.

FiniteLiquid recipe

Another feature of the mod is the inclusion of pumps and pipes. You can join pipes to create a tubewell structure and activate the pump with the help of redstone circuits. The pump will help draw water through the pipes from a water source.

Then there are sponges which can absorb large amounts of water when placed inside a water body. There are special blocks called water grates which can be closed or opened in order to allow water to pass through.

There are chances of explosion due to the production of methane gas underwater. If the gas comes in contact with fire, it will explode. Methane will randomly generate through any water body.

The only bug is that the mod doesn’t affect the already spawned water in your saved game; it only affects new water body spawned after the mod is installed. So, it is better to start off with a new world in order to avoid confusion.

Installation steps for Instant Massive Structures 1.3.2 Mod:

1. Download and install Modloader
2. Download the mod files and extract them to any folder
3. Go to start menu and open the run dialog box
4. Type %appdata% and press enter
5. Navigate to .minecraft/bin folder and open Minecraft.jar
6. Copy all the downloaded files of the mod into this
7. Delete the META-INF folder
8. Close Minecraft.jar
9. Play your game!

Download FiniteLiquid for minecraft 1.3.2

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