Fossil Archeology Mod [v6.7-P1][SSP][Muti-Language] for Minecraft 1.2.5

The Fossil Archeology mod makes your game interesting by bringing elements like ancient artifacts in the game. Moreover, the artifacts can be utilized to forge blocks, creatures and weapons.

Fossil Archeology Mod

Here are some quick features of the mod:

1. Fossils – difficult to mine but usually give you bones, skulls, relics, biofossils, scarab gems and broken swords
2. Analyzer – this machine can be utilized in analyzing relics and fossils. The analyzer can also convert relics into stoneboards from which cryptic messages can be deciphered. The analyzer can also be used to extract DNA information.
3. Cultivator – the cultivator machine is given DNA and bio fossils in order to create eggs. These eggs then hatch into the creature, who’s DNA you provided.
4. Ancient Ferns – these ferns has no significant importance but they keep on growing under the shades of trees.

These are the mobs which are introduced by this mod:

1. Triceratops – These are docile dinosaurs which will follow their owner through a long travel. the have 3 types of breeds
2. Velociraptor – this dinosaur also follows the master and picks up any drop during its travel. if found free roaming, it will charge you in groups
3. T-Rex – this is a dangerous dinosaur and will attack any entity in its marked territory. Has the ability to break mostly any block except iron. Does not get affect by arrow shots and can be tamed too.

Since this list cannot be made too lengthy, other additions in this mod are:

1. failuresaurus
2. pterosaur
3. plesiosaur
4. dino eggs
5. utah raptor
6. anu
7. nautilis
8. stegosaurus
9. mosasaurus
10. Ancient equipment
11. scarab gem
12. skull stick
13. tooth dagger
14. t-rex tooth
15. scaarab tools
16. living nautilis
17. chicken essence
18. dino meat
19. sio chiu le
20. magic conch
21. Empty shell

There are so many recipes, items and mobs included in this mod, that it becomes impossible to list or explain each one of them. So, the best way to experience the mod is to install it by the given instructions below:

Installation steps for Fossil Archeology 1.2.5 mod for Minecraft 1.2.5:

1. Make sure Modloader, Audiomod and Minecraft Forge have been installed first
2. download the mod files
3. Go to start button, open the run dialog box and type %appdata% and press enter.
4. Navigate to the .minecraft folder and open the resources folder.
5. copy the appropriate files of the mod into this resources folder
6. place the zip file of the mod in .minecraft/mods/ folder
7. Delete META-INF from the minecraft.jar file, which can be found in the .minecraft/bin/ directory
8. start your game and enjoy

Download Fossil Archeology Mod [v6.7-P1]

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Developer :: Flammarilva

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