How to do the Curse Client Download

Curse Client is a good multi-purpose software for the Warhammer Online and World of Warcraft players. Through the software, you can find, install and manage addons for the two games, all within the same program. This is a good timesaver for many players, and it also prevents them from using addons which are not compatible. In addition, the client checks for updates of addon and you will be alerted when there is a new version.

curse client download

These are some of the features of Curse Client:

- You can reorder the games using the drag-and-drop feature
- Games can be launched easily through the “Play” button
- You can decide to make the Minecraft to show up in your games list. To do this, you should go to Tools -> Scan, and the games installed will be shown, among which will be Minecraft if already installed.

How to Download Curse Client

Step 1 – Go to to download the client
Step 2 – Run the setup file downloaded. The installation process will be started after you have accepted User Agreement. If necessary, the client installer may do an automatic update of your .NET framework
Step 3 – When you are logging in for the first time, the client may be updated. It restarts automatically, and the latest update is installed for you

How to Use Curse Client

To easily have access to Curse Client, the installation automatically creates a desktop shortcut for you. In addition, you must have a account before the client can be used. Therefore, you should visit the Client Login page to create your free account. It is also important to go through the brief tour to know how the software works. This will also show you the recently added features. If you want to go through that tour in the future, you only need to visit the “Help” toolbar.

Always Have the Latest Version of the Client

It is necessary to always work with the latest version of Curse Client. The reason is that new features are always added, and the developer is always resolving user issues. When the developer has a new version, the client will update automatically within an hour or the next time you launch it, whichever comes first. However, you also have the choice not to automatically update the client. Just go to the configuration menu to disable the feature.

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