Industrial Craft v8.55 for Minecraft 1.7.3

The Industrial Craft mod is created to enhance the mining and crafting experience of the game. It adds a variety of blocks, devices and items which make the game feel more industrially advanced; which means you will get better fuels, furnaces and sources of energy.

The mod involves tiers, so that means you do not have access to all the items right away and will have to work your way through by collecting resources and crafting advanced tools from them. In order to skip this, you can spawn a new advanced world where you will have some advanced items.

The mod can work with your existing world but later if you plan to uninstall your mod, the world will not work without it. Moreover, for tin and copper ores, you will have to explore new areas so that these ores can be spawned there and even set up new mines to collect them. So make sure that you backup all of your saved files just in case.

Some of the updates on the Industrial craft mod for Minecraft 1.2.5:

• New teleporters can teleport you quite far at the cost of 5,000,000 energy units
• Energy in the form of Laproton Crystals which can be held in the hand
• Relays to boost electric circuits
• Force Field Generators can repel creepers too

Insutrial Craft 2 improves the integrity of how everything works with the introduction of improved wiring, machines, bi-sided batteries and cables.

Here are some new additions in the mod:

• Metal poles – Combine with rubber sheets to create obstacles
• Rubber sheets
• Electrical Jetpack – As the name suggests, give you the option of flying
• Dynamite-O-Mote – Control a remote bomb
• Complex working of Nuclear Engineering
• Composite vest
• NanoSabers – Powerful sword to hunt down Creepers

The mod is supported for multiplayer and the developer has hosted some of the official server list on his website too.

How to Download and Install IndustrialCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.7

1. Make a backup of your .minecraft folder
2. Install ModLoader and ModLoaderMP
3. Download the Industrial Craft mod files
4. Copy the files inside the “minecraft” folder inside the zip file of the Industrial craft mod files you downloaded
5. Open minecraft.jar ( found in “/%appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/bin/”) with 7Zip
6. For experimental nano suit or improved pickaxe, copy the appropriate file into the minecraft.jar file
7. Test out the mod on your Minecraft client!

Download Industrial Craft v8.55 for Minecraft 1.7.3

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Developer :: Alblaka

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