Instant Castle mod for minecraft 1.3.2

Are you tired of making regular houses in Minecraft, and not sure whether you’ll be able to make complex buildings even if you tried to? The Instant Castle Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2 solves one such issue by spawning a huge castle for you in the blink of an eye. You just need to click the castle block with the right button and you’ll have a castle standing right in front of you.

Instant Castle mod 1.3.2

The Instant Castle mod not only takes care about the exteriors of the castle, but the insides of the castles have also been taken care of. Moreover, the mod has been optimized so that it does not lag on slower computers. Great details have been given to the way the castle looks and it is a perfect way to guard your self from the night creatures. However, since the castle is huge, you might not realize when a creeper or zombie might have slipped in through the secured walls of your castle, so watch out!

Here are some of the features of the castle which you can enjoy:

1. A lavish main hall with a majestic look
2. huge dining tables
3. A throne for the king
4. The tall towers can be accessed through spiral stairs
5. An interesting chamber built under the grounds of the castle for you to explore
6. Many flags around the castle walls and inner buildings and towers

Installation steps for Instant Castle Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2:

1. Close any running instance of Minecraft
2. Download and install ModLoader
3. Download the mod files
4. Go to start menu and open the run dialog box
5. Type %appdata% and press enter
6. Go to .minecraft/mods and copy the zip file of the mod in this folder
7. Navigate to .minecraft/bin folder and open Minecraft.jar
8. Delete the META-INF folder
9. Close Minecraft.jar
10. Play your game!

Download Instant Castle mod for minecraft 1.3.2

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Developer : JasonOnce

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