KayneCraft 64x/128x Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5

KayneCraft is a texture pack for Minecraft. It got a 64×64 size and a 128×128. This texture pack has an unique cartoony style to it. It reminds me of the bordercraft texture pack. KayneCraft features everything except a main menu screen, some few GUI tweaks and paintings. This is a decent known texture pack and would highly recommend trying it out.

KayneCraft texture pack

A picture of (almost) all blocks in KayneCraft.

KayneCraft is made by ThadiusKayne in minecraftforums.net It is compatible with Minecraft 1.2.5. KayneCraft supports Wildgrass, Better glass and chest and randomobs. KayneCraft is a partly known texture pack. It have excised since Minecraft beta 1.1.

To install this texture pack you need to patch Minecraft. You have to do this to make Minecraft run bigger resolution textures. You can find a tutorial and you can download MCpatcher here:

Note: You need a decent computer in order to run this texture pack. Bigger textures means more processing to the computer.

How to install ayneCraft 64x/128x Texture Pack

You install it like every other texture pack.
1.Patch Minecraft with MCPatcher.
2.Press windows key + r and type in %appdata%.
3.Go to the .minecraft folder. And copy the .zip file to the texture pack folder.

Download Kaynecraft v2.0 x128 for Minecraft 1.2.5

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Developer :

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