MINECON 2012, 2013

According to organizers, MINECON 2012 has now been confirmed to take place in Europe between November 24th and 25th at Disneyland Resort, in Paris, France. It is an occasion where every guest in attendance will enjoy a more interactive experience, sharing ideas with game experts and lovers. Attending the event will give you the opportunity to meet other lovers of Minecraft, including modders, and many popular people in the Minecraft community.

minecon 2012

Expo Show Floor

At the event, many experts and marketers will display their tools and products to improve the experience of the Minecraft player. For instance, you will enjoy the presence of Microsoft section for lovers of Xbox with Minecraft, mining gear items from JINX, and companies selling dedicated server hosting plans. There will also be a special event where the notable people will sign an autograph for you.

Fun and Games

MINECON 2012 is not just going to be an event where you will always be seated, bored. The organizers want to make it to be full of fun. Therefore, there will be an opportunity for you to play your favorite game there. You can have a good time playing some Minecraft, Cobalt or Scrolls. Competitions and challenges will also be organized to make you win some prizes.

These are the important things about MINECON 2012:

- The early-bird rate of €99 for admission to the Disney Events Arena, between 10 am and 6 pm
- Good discounts on park tickets and Disney hotels (from €78)
- An evening party of Saturday at the Walt Disney Studios Park. There will be free rides for those who are attending
- The people who are at least 18 years old will be able to attend the Sunday night party in Paris

Talks and Panels

Another benefit of attending MINECON 2012 is that you will have the opportunity to learn from experienced people as you attend panels and listen to talks on many Minecraft subjects, from practical pointers on how to capture videos, to building ambitious projects and developing mods. If you are an expert “Minecrafter”, there you are given an opportunity to host a talk or be part of a panel.

Being in Paris for MINECON 2012 is going to be an interesting experience for everybody. Mojang, the developer of Minecraft has not said anything about MINECON 2013, as one would expect that that should be after the success of the 2012 event. Many people are also only concerned with this year’s event instead of asking or wanting to know what would be done in 2012. Therefore, until the announcement is made, it is impossible to know the details of MINECON 2013.

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