Minecraft Comes Alive mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

Minecraft Comes Alive mod brings you the ability to find your mate and raise your family. You have to interact with other NPCs and build your relationship with them. Finally, you can marry the person and have kids.

minecraft come alive mod

Here are some features of the mod:

• Hearts measure your relationship with other people
• Each villager has a skin which defines their gender and is related to their profession
• Your baby grows up and helps you in your daily work. When the baby grows into an adult, he will protect you till death. Moreover, he will also get married and have his own children later.

The children usually grow up into adults after 60 minutes of game play. However, your interaction is required in order to make them grow. They will equip themselves with the highest durable items in their inventory. The number of babies you can have at one time is only one, but after they have turned into an adult, you can proceed to create more with your wife.

Basic interaction with other humans, like chatting and joking, will give you the opportunity to increase or decrease the amount of hearts you have. Moreover, the gifts which you give will help in increasing your hearts with that person. Depending on the price of the gift, the heart level will increase accordingly. Once some villager’s heart level is above 100, you can gift them an engagement ring in order to get engaged. Then, all the nearby villagers will visit you and give you gifts.

The quality of the gifts given by each villager is affected by each of the villager’s heart level individually:
• 0-25 hearts villagers give you only some building supplies
• 25-50 give you supplies and tools
• 75+ will give you quite a lot of building materials, diamonds, arrows, ores etc.
So, the higher the heart level, the better gifts you will get.
These are some features which might get added to future versions of the mod:
• Fishing improvement
• API support for sparrow
• New hardcore secret

The following are some special items of the mod:
• Wedding band
• Engagement ring
• Arranger’s ring
• Tombstone
• Whistle

Installation steps:

1. Download the files of the mod
2. Now extract the contents of the mod into any folder
3. Open the start menu and click on run
4. Type in “%appdata%” without quotes and press enter
5. Navigate to the .minecraft/ folder
6. Copy the files from the “place in config” folder into .minecraft/config directory of the game
7. Now open minecraft.jar files from .minecraft/bin/ folder
8. Copy the files from “place contents in minecraft JAR” into the minecraft.jar file
9. Delete the META-INF folder
10. Close this file and play your Minecraft game

Download MineCraft come alive v2.1.1 for minecraft 1.2.5

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