ModLoader for minecraft 1.4.6

ModLoader for minecraft 1.4.6  is one of Risugami’s many mods, and it allows different mods to not conflict with each other when they alter the graphical rendering process, change or add recipes, add new entities, change the GUI / HUD, and others. This allows multiple mods that usually would conflict and crash together to be run at the same time.

modloader 1.4.6

For end users, there’s not much to play around with modloader as it doesn’t really change anything by itself. However, for developers you’ll need to reverse engineer how ModLoader works and then rewrite your mods to make it compatible with ModLoader and therefore other game-affecting mods. For documentation, the JavaDoc describes the methods used in ModLoader, how they work, and what to do when you want to override them with your mod.

To install modloader,

1. go to your .minecraft folder (if you don’t know where this is, type in %appdata% in a new Explorer window and find it) and find the minecraft.jar file.
2. Drag and drop the modloader files into the minecraft.jar,
3. and make sure to delete the META-INF folder (otherwise the game won’t start and instead output error messages).
4. Then you’ll be able to use ModLoader to manage and load mods without conflicting.

Download ModLoader for minecraft 1.4.6

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Developer : Risugami

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