More Humanoids mod for minecraft 1.3.2

The More Humanoids mod for Minecraft 1.3.2 adds various new characters to the game. The mod is just a fun mod and the characters do not carry any special ability in particular.


Here is a list of all the 33 characters which are included with the mod:
1. DeadMau5
2. Girl One
3. Scottish
4. Angry Bird
5. Notch
6. Tuxedo
7. Yellow Warrior
8. Xephos
9. Cyclist
10. AntVenom
11. Yoshi
12. Red Warrior
13. Green Warrior
14. Herobrine
15. Caveman
16. Captain Sparklez
17. Peasant
18. King
19. Boxer
20. Jeb
21. Creeper
22. Astronaut
23. InTheLittleWood
24. Girl Three
25. SkythekidRS / Sky Does Minecraft
26. Headless
27. Girl Two
28. Tennis Player
29. Honeydew
30. Prisoner
31. Steve
32. LividCoffee / Duncan
33. Athlete
34. PrettyWaters
35. Jia-Girad
36. yayyay2

The modder TheOneAndOnly717  aims at giving custom items to each of the characters, which they can pick up or drop whenever possible. So defeating, or technically killing a character, will give you an item drop. However, such a feature might be included only in the future updates of the mod. Popular characters like Herobrine, Angry Bird, DeadMau5, Yoshi etc. are included in the list.

Additional warriors skins have been developed by Siebe1.

Installation Steps for More Humanoids Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2:

1. Download and install the latest version of ModLoader
2. Download the mod files and extract them to any folder
3. Go to start menu and open the run dialog box
4. Type %appdata% and press enter
5. Navigate to .minecraft folder and open the “bin” folder
6. Now open Minecraft.jar with a suitable compressed file handling software like WinRAR or 7-Zip
7. Copy all the downloaded files of the mod into this file
8. Delete the META-INF folder
9. Close Minecraft.jar
10. Play your game!

Download More Humanoids mod for minecraft 1.3.2

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Developer : TheOneAndOnly717

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