More Stuff Mod v3.4.6! MC 1.4.7

The purpose behind More Stuff Mod is to add more stuff for Minecraft game and make the Minecraft world more interesting and fun. Get new blocks, tools, armor and much more. Go ahead and get more stuff for your game and let interesting things happen around you. Now there new blocks, items, recipes, mobs to use in your game. Discover and get ready for endless adventures with this amazing new mod. Add Donuts, bananas, those mysterious Ender rods, as well as some new weapons and bows. This is SMP SSP Compatible and makes use of Forge to install. It is time to explore, and have endless adventures with this new More Stuff mod! This is the first private release.

More Stuff Mod 1.4.7


• Add 45+ new items
• Add blocks, mobs and recipes
• Add Crying Obsidian, Baby Zombie, Red Enderdragon, Pigman, Nether Reactor, Dirt Axe, Obsidian Sword, Giant Spawn Egg, Obsidian Gem,
• Adds Armor – Ruby and Sapphire with the Sapphire Tools having longer durability than diamond, but less power. Ruby tools have higher strength than diamond, but less durability

Changelogs include

• Removed Armor and too many errors
• A few bug fixes
• Fixed some of the crafting errors
• Updated Redstone Block Texture
• Added the next secret smelting recipe
• Code Cleanup
• number of classes reduced from 14 to 8
• Added Diamond Trimmings, Razors, Plastic, and Gelatin Blobs

Upcoming Features

• Plans to add Crops
• Debating about Zircon Armor and Zircon Tools
• Forge support, but not for a while
• Maybe do something about the Broken Heart Ore

Installation Steps

1. Download Modloader 1.3.2
2. Download More Stuff Mod v0.2
3. Move both Modloader and more stuff mod files into minecraft.jar
4. Play Minecraft!

Go ahead and enjoy your game with this awesome mod.

>> Download More Stuff Mod v3.4.6! MC 1.4.7 [Forge] [SSP/SMP]

Developer : SuperNate325

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