Mutant Creatures mod for minecraft 1.4.6

What if the normal mobs and creatures aren’t big or powerful enough? The Mutant Creatures mod for minecraft 1.4.6 is a simple mod that adds 3 new mutant creatures – the Mutant Zombie, the Mutant Creeper and the Mutant Snow Golem. You can create new mutants by using Chemical X which can be crafted in game.

mutant creatures mod 1.4.6

The Mutant Zombie is especially large, and has a massive 60 hearts of health. Not only can he slam the ground and deal massive damage with an area of effect attack, he can also roar and deal half a heart of damage to everybody nearby. But the roar also attracts more undead zombies to spawn nearby. Last but not least, if the mutant zombie manages to get close enough to you, he can toss you up in the air. It also heals at night, and he can also come back to live if you don’t fully kill him.

This is just one of the three fully featured muntant creatures. All of them will give special bonuses like drop relevant and unique items if you manage to defeat them, and it’s great fun to play in MP.


1.After installing Minecraft Forge,
2.just extract the mod zip into .minecraft/mods
3.and play!


Download Mutant Creatures mod for minecraft 1.4.6

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Developer : thehippomaster21

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