NamCraft [1.06 Beta] for minecraft 1.7.3

In case you ever felt that was plainly an adventure game with no action, then NamCraft 1.06 Beta is surely going to change your mind. The mod is created for Minecraft v 1.7.3 and intends to build the scenario of war, similar to the military tension in Vietnam, in the game. There will be a lot of destruction and violence; so prepare yourself since survival is the key to the mod.


The mod adds the following items to the game:
• Landmine
• Silk Worm
• Grenade
• White phosphorus
• Distilled water
• Canteen
• First aid kit
• Iodine tablets
• M-79
• M-14
• Steel shot
• Metal tube
• Metal rod
• Ivory
• Turtle shell
• Radio
• Ammo for various weapons

Then there are more mobs which come with the mod. The cobra is a wild creature which is better left alone, unless you want the thing to attack you. There will be a helicopter always flying overhead. It will keep on dropping essential items, so keep an eye out for them. The Vietcong Bushwacker is a sprinting maniac who will slice you down with a machete, so be well armed always. The NVA is a tactical mob, who uses speed and the ability to shoot quickly to take you down.

Installation process:

• Download and install AudioMod.
• Download the mod files.
• Open the start menu and type %appdata% in the run box.
• Make sure to create a backup of the .minecraft/bin/ folder.
• Next, copy the folder “resources” found in the mod files and overwrite it with the similar one found in the .minecraft/ folder.
• Now go to .minecraft/bin/ folder and open the minecraft.jar file.
• Delete the META-INF folder.
• Further, copy the contents inside the “MinecraftJar” folder in the mod files into this Minecraft.jar file.
• Clost the Minecraft.jar file and play your game.

Developer : bracomadar

Download NamCraft [1.06 Beta] for minecraft 1.7.3 here

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