RandomBeds Mod – Add More Colors of Beds for Minecraft 1.2.5

Tired of sleeping on the same vanilla colored bed? RandomBeds allows you to add the following color to your bed, depending on the wool color you use:

randombeds mod

1. Black
2. Grey
3. Light Grey
4. White
5. Orange
6. Aqua Blue
7. Blue
8. Royal Blue
9. Pink
10. Magenta
11. Purple
12. Crimson
13. Brown
14. Yellow
15. Light Green
16. Green

This is a mod created for aesthetic purpose only and doesn’t add any functionality to the game. All you need to do is craft the desired colored of wool (all wool should be of one same color only) similar to the method of crafting a vanilla bed and voila! You have you favorite bed to rest on.

red bed crafting

red bed crafting


whit ebed crafting

whit ebed crafting

This mod has the potential to be added on multiplayer servers since it isn’t any exploit or hack as such and only caters to the player’s personal taste. The mod uses block ID per color.

Future updates to the mod may include a plethora of different bed colors, given that the mod developer is successful in generating more wool texture color IDs. Few forums suggested the possibility of multi colored beds with the option of adding up to three colors on one bed. However, the mod developer has debunked the idea by saying that it will only give you a normal bed or nothing at all.

Since the mod brings changes to the CraftingManager.java file, Modloader and Forge are required to be installed before proceeding to install this mod.


1. Open your Minecraft bin folder (“C:\user\%appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft\bin”)
2. Open the Minecraft.jar file with any package managing software, for example WinZip.
3. Paste all the contents of RandomBeds.zip into Minecraft.jar
4. Delete the META-INF folder inside Minecraft.jar
5. Your mod is installed

Download Randombed Mod [1.2.5]

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