Temple Runner map for minecraft 1.3.2 or higher

Temple Runner (unrelated to the mobile game with a similar name) is a popular adventure, parkour and puzzle map with over 30,000 downloads and hours of gameplay. It’s set in a place where no one can escape from, featuring a lot of challenging puzzles, frustrating parkour and some hidden collectibles. It is a very linear map, and there isn’t much to do after you’ve played through it as it is lacking collectibles or side quests for completionists. It is still pretty huge and long through, with a lot of different sights to see.

temple runner minecraft map

Unlike a lot of other adventure maps, in this one the puzzles and parkour are pretty challenging throughout the whole adventure. You won’t get bored after playing through a few sections, and the scenery is all mixed up from time to time (like a NO ACTA sign on a gold wall), and this map features very creative use of lighting. The walls to stop cheaters are not obnoxious, and you can see a lot of lava throughout the map to prevent people from jumping down and swimming. It’s also fairly polished with few bugs or unexpected things.

Installation instructions:

1.Download the zip file for Temple Runner
2. and then place the contents of it in the maps folder of .minecraft,
3.and then launch Minecraft to play.

Download Temple Runner map for minecraft 1.3.2 or higher

>> Download Temple Runner V 1.2.2 (rar), Mirror1 (rar ) , zip file

Developer : El_Dabo

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