The car mod v2.2 for minecraft 1.3.2

Do you want a car in minecraft? yes, you can drive it too.It is a  driveable minecart .If you have a car mod v2.2 for minecraft 1.3.2,you can craft a car and drive your car around the minecraft world.This car can drive 1 block at a time.

How to install car mod v2.2

- Download the car mod files , modloder
- Go to the .minecraft/bin/ directory and open the minecraft.jar file
- Delete this folder , “META-INF”
- Drag modloder to minecraft.jar
- Run minecraft and again, go back to minecraft.jar
- Drag the card mod zip file to mod folder
- Start your game.Hope you enjoy the car mod

Download the car mod v2.2 for minecraft 1.3.2

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Developer : mermz

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