Timber mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

The Timber mod is a mod people call: Got to Get!

Basically, if you get an ax, any type of ax ( Diamond, gold, iron, wood ) and you smack at the bottom of the tree, all the wooden planks FROM that tree, and that tree only, will immediately break and fall on the ground.You can toggle this effect to safely remove logs by holding down the sneak key while chopping logs with your ax.

Now, let’s talk about how to get the mod. You must have your minecraft closed down in order for this installation to work.

*Note* If you do not have your minecraft closed down, the installation will NOT work. *Note*

To download the mod for 1.4.5, simply download from the bottom of this page.
This mod does require ModLoader in order for it to work so you can download it here: http://adf.ly/7eY8E
Now, we need to find the place to put all the files in.

Simply, open up your START and type in %appdata%, or, if you can’t do that. Hold down your Windows icon on your keyboard and type in %appdata% on there. Then, press ENTER on your keyboard as well.

After you have done that, look for your .minecraft and when you have found that, open it up.

Next, try looking for you bin folder, it is usually located on the bottom right of your folder ( unless you moved, deleted, or added stuff into the .minecraft folder ) when you have found that, open it up.

Then, look for your minecraft.jar, it won’t be THAT hard to find it since there is only a few files in the bin folder.

Once you found that, right click the minecraft.jar and put your mouse over Open With, then click on WinRAR Archiver. If you do not see that, you will have to download WinRAR.

When you have downloaded it, now you can right-click the minecraft.jar and now open it with WinRAR Archiver.

Now, get both of your files opened to where you can drag-and-drop them ( your Timber folder and your ModLoader folder as well )

First, before you drag-and-drop and all that, you need to delete your META-INF located in your minecraft.jar. What META-INF is, is that it prevents ANY mods you have to work safely.

Now, drag-and-drop your Timber files into the minecraft.jar and your ModLoader files into the minecraft.jar

Download Timber mod for minecraft 1.4.5

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Then your DONE!!!

Developer : TehKrush

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