TooManyItems mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

This is probably a Mod you have heard before, but you may not know what it is. TooManyItems is a mod that allows you to give yourself any item you want. It is basically like Creative Mode, but it adds a bit more options to it. This mod is the most popular mod ever created. It has just recently been updated to 1.4.5, so there is a tiny possibility of some bugs ( Very less likely though ).

toomanyitems mods 1.4.5

In TooManyItems, it does more than give you items, you can toggle down fall ( rain ) or if your in a snow biome, it would toggle snow. You can also toggle creative, which, obviously gives you creative. You can change the time of the day ( day, sunset, night, moonset ). You can also save your favorite inventory I and load it back later in the future if you wanted to. There are 7 save options, so you can save a total of 7 inventories. Another interesting option TooManyItems has is that you can delete items in your inventory or you could delete it all!

Now let’s get to the downloading part. If you would like to download,(goto bottom of this page) . This mod does NOT require Mod Loader which I think is pretty cool. Most mods do require Mod Loader in order for it to work and maybe even other small mods.

TooManyItems 1.4.5 Mod Installation Tutorial:

1. Obviously, you need to download the TooManyItems Mod
2. You need to locate your .minecraft folder. Now I have a Windows XP and I am going to tell you how to locate your .minecraft file in Windows Style.
3. Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press the letter “R” OR type %appdata% in your START menu and hit enter.
4. You should see a .minecraft folder in there, open it up.
5. Now, you should see a BIN folder, open that up.
6. Here’s the tricky part, your going to need to download a thing called, “WinRAR” or if you already downloaded it or if your computer already has it, go to Instruction #7.
7. Now, since you have downloaded that, go back to your bin folder and right-click the minecraft.jar, go to open with, and click on WinRAR Archiver.
8. Ok, now, delete the METAINF or META-INF folder because that prevents mods being able to work. If you don’t delete that you skip this instruction, it will just crash your minecraft after you installed the mod.
9. Go to your TooManyItems folder you downloaded and drag-and-drop the files/folders into the minecraft.jar
10. Your DONE :)
11. Open up your minecraft, log in, start a new world and press “I” or “E” or whichever your inventory button is and it should be there.
12. If the TooManyItems Mod is not in there, press the letter “O”, it toggle it to turn on.

Download TooManyItems mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

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Developer : Marglyph

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