VonDoomCraft texture pack (Beta 1.5) for Minecraft 1.2.5

Von Doom is a great texture pack for Minecraft. All of the VonDoom packs of the past have helped to build a dungeon, medieval feel into Minecraft and allow you to work with all types of different and interesting tools. You have the ability to play as different characters, rebuild spawn sites and even alter the appearance of various challenges. Overall the VonDoom texture packs work really well. They allow you to play the game in an atmosphere you like and offer new and interesting challenges.

vondoomcraft beta 1.5

Pitfalls and Traps

You can set all types of traps for your enemies. Some of the most fun to play with are the spiderwebs that can be built to protect from layer to layer. These can even protect dark spots from the zombies and other creatures that spawn to try and interrupt your progress. You can also set various snares and traps with the weapons that are available via the levels in Minecraft and on the texture pack. While there are still a few issues with some of these causing crashes, overall, the process has smoothed out and the VonDoom texture pack usually runs without too many glitches.

vondoomcraft beta1.5 for minecraft 1.2.5

Getting Used to the New Look

While adding a texture pack is always a fun way to mix up the game, you have to remember that things are going to look different. Even the materials you are mining might have a new appearance which can hinder your ability to find the right products. Your weapons will also have a different pattern or plan so your mining requirements do change depending on what you plan on building. In VonDoom, one of the safest places to store things is in your dungeon but it is not impenetrable.

Installing VonDoom in Minecraft

First you will want to download the VonDoom texture pack from a reputable site. There are many links to the pack on the web and you can download from wherever you feel safe. You will also want to down load the patch using MCPatcher HD. This allows the VonDoom texture pack to show up in high definition. From your start menu run the texture pack as a: “run>/%appdata$/.minecraft/texturepacks/” and then copy and past the zip file without unzipping it. From there you need only to open Minecraft and change the in-game texture pack to VonDoom and you are ready to begin playing in your dungeon.

VonDoom gives you a real dungeon and dragons feel to your Minecraft game. This can be a bit nostalgic but also offer you many more interesting options than the old D&D games did. You get to interact with the world and you can even build villages. This game can be played with the texture pack as multi-player or single player. Whatever you build, take photos and put it up across the Minecraft sites, you might inspire new and interesting changes to the VonDoom texture packs of the future.

Emperor Doom ; The owner of this mod.

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Beta 1.5 for Minecraft 1.2.5
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