Weather & Tornadoes Mod for minecraft 1.2.5

There was a lot of fanfare when Notch announced the addition of weather in Minecraft. But really, all that meant was the occasional rain, which had very little effect on gameplay (asides from random zombie pigmen). The Weather & Tornadoes Mod, on the other hand, lets players experience the full force of mother nature.

weather & tornadoes mod
weather and tornadoes mod 2

What this really means is tornadoes—large, end-of-the-world, Wizard-of-Oz tornadoes. The kind that can pick up you, your house, and the hill your house was built on. Not all of the tornadoes are this big, though. Other, small types of tornadoes are represented, too.

The tornadoes appear naturally, although you can craft items in your workbench that let you summon them at will, just for kicks. You can also craft tornado sirens and early warning detectors. This is good, because you’ll need all the notice you can get to get to a safe haven. These tornadoes are mean.

The Weather & Tornadoes Mod is okay for adding some more tension to the game, and perhaps giving it some realism in terms of weather patterns. But it’s not very useful otherwise. This mod is probably best described as a novelty. A pretty one, to be sure, but a novelty all the same.

Tornado Sensor
tornado sensor
Tornado Siren

tornado siren


1. Download and Install ModLoader and AudioMod
2. Open the Start menu and click “Run”
3. Type “%appdata%” (without quotes)
4. Find a folder named “/.minecraft/”. Go inside and find a /bin/ folder
5. Inside /bin/ folder open minecraft.jar with WinRAR/7Zip
6. Download Weather & Tornado
7. Copy and paste the Weather & Tornado .zip file into the “mods” folder
8. Launch Minecraft

( – Extra configuration is possible, mod_EntMover.cfg inside %appdata%\.minecraft\config
Extra Configuration:
#sensorID (int:210)
#sirenID (int:211)
#Storm_Tornado_maxBlocks (int:1200)
#Storm_Tornado_maxParticles (int:3000)
#Storm_Tornado_height (double:60.0)
#Storm_Tornado_maxYChange (double:10.0)
#Storm_Tornado_rarityOfFirenado (int:-1)
#Storm_Tornado_rarityOfDisintegrate (int:5)
#Storm_Tornado_rarityOfBreakOnFall (int:5)
#Storm_Tornado_grabPlayer (boolean:true)
#Storm_Tornado_blockStrengthGrabbing (boolean:true)
#Storm_Tornado_blockBlacklistMode (boolean:false)
#Storm_Tornado_blockList (java.lang.String:2,3,5,6,12,31,18,20,35,43,44,53,79,87)
#Storm_chanceOfTornado (float:0.3)
#Storm_rarityOfLightning (long:50000)
#Storm_noRain (boolean:false)
#Storm_Tornado_safetyCutOffFPS (int:20)
#debug (boolean:false)
#Storm_rarityOfIncrease (int:4000)
#Storm_maxClusters (int:10)
#Wind_active (boolean:true)
#Wind_Particle_leafs (boolean:true)
#Wind_Particle_air (boolean:true)
#Wind_Particle_sand (boolean:true)
#Wind_rarityOfIncrease (int:400)
#Storm_Tornado_oldParticles (boolean:false)
#Storm_Tornado_makeClouds (boolean:true)
#Storm_Lightning_active (boolean:true)
#Storm_Tornado_maxActive (int:1)

Download weather & tornadoes for minecraft 1.2.5

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The owner of mod : Corosus

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