Zan’s Minimap mod for minecraft 1.4.7

One thing that Minecraft is really missing is a powerful minimap. Zan’s Minimap (which works with 1.4.7) is a great mod that implments a round minimap packed with a lot of information and detail. The base of the minimap is just an overhead view of the local surroundings, while there are mob icon overlays. You can set waypoints which will be shown on the minimap with colorful arrows, and it comes with a lot of settings and integration.

zans minimap mod 1.4.7

For example, you can toggle on the older, more classic square minimap. It doesn’t work really well with waypoints, but it’s blocky like Minecraft. Terrain depth and dynamic lighting are also options, and of course you can see directions like a compass – north, south, west, east. As the direction and paths of the sun has changed during the releases, you can toggle for Old North or new north so everything in your older maps didn’t just move 90 degrees.

Installation of this mod is simple and does not require modloader, but it also works fine with them. This mod always had texture pack support too for different mod icons. To install,

1. download the zip file
2. and put the contents of that in the minecraft.jar file.
3. Delete the META-INF folder if it still exists in your installation.

Download Zan’s Minimap mod for minecraft 1.4.7

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Developer : MamiyaOtaru

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