Zombie Apocalypse / Creeper Apocalypse

The concept of this mod is fairly simple. Zombies spawn until you die.

There are plenty of zombie apocalypse mods. This one is simple compared to the rest of them, but its also one of the most fun. This mod starts you out as a regular Minecraft game would—in the middle of the wilderness, with just the animals and your wits for company. But you’re only given one full day cycle to prepare for what comes. Once the clock strikes midnight, zombie after zombie will spawn in your general vicinity, and they won’t stop appearing until you’re dead. The game is permanently set to hardcore mode, so your weapons won’t do as much damage and you’ll lose more health per hit. And if you die, there is no respawning.

zombie apocalypese

One of the reasons I like this mod over the others that have pre-made city maps is the fact that you still are able to use Minecraft’s sandbox nature to make your own defenses. Are you going to build a wall outside your house, complete with battlements and fortifications and defensive works? Or are you going to load up your inventory full of swords and food and run straight into the horde, slashing left and right? Both methods work (though the second won’t work for very long), and both are equally as fun.
And did I mention you can substitute zombies for creepers?


1) Download and install Creeper-Zombie Apocalypse Mod (SP or SMP)
2) Extract it onto your desktop
3) Rename the folder as “world1”. This will replace your Minecraft game’s original world 1 slot
4) Open the Start menu and click “Run”
5) Type “%appdata%” (without quotes)
6) Find a folder named “/.minecraft/”. Go inside and find a /saves/ folder
7) Paste the map here. Overwrite existing map if necessary.
8 ) Launch Minecraft and select World1

Download Zombie Apocalypse

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Developer : SirCallum

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